Birch 1.32

What is Birch?

Birch is a package of scripts that runs a photoblog. It displays and archives photos, with captions, and has an easy to use administrator interface that allows you to upload new photos and change the captions on old ones. See Birch in action at the sample page. It uses an XML file to store the photo information, so no database is needed.


  • Perl
  • Apache: With the ability to use .htaccess files.


  • Installation page: The details of installation are taken care of for you, all you have to do is enter user information and a page title.
  • Automatic display and archiving of your photos: Birch takes care of cataloging and organizing your previous photos posts.
  • Simple administrator interface: All administration tasks can be accomplished from this interface, including uploading, editing and deleting a photo and it's caption, as well as changing the username, password and CSS template.
  • Customize design with templates: Because the page is created using stylesheets, the appearance can easily be changed. The package comes with four templates, and more can be created if you know CSS.
  • Valid XHMTL & CSS: As long as the captions you enter are valid, so is the rest of the page.
  • No Database Necessary: All photo information is stored in an XML file so you don't have to install and configure a database.
  • RSS Feed: The last ten entries are automatically inserted into an RSS 2.0 feed that others can access using any feed reader.
  • Custom Photo Sizes: You can use any photo size that you like, with any aspect ratio.


Hosting Companys Offering Birch Installations